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Are flights included in the travel package? 

There are No flights included in the travel package.  We have many people coming from all over the World. Its best to book your own flight.


What airport to fly into? 

London has a few airports, but we strongly suggest you fly into London Heathrow Airport – LHR


What day should I fly out to London?

Everyone should book their flight for the evening of August 21st  and you‘ll get to London on August 22nd.  Going back home everyone can book August 27th.


Are there any shuttles/transfers from airport to hotel and vice versa?

No. We suggest getting an uber or taking a cab from the airport. It’s cheaper and less time consuming than any shuttle, but if you truly want a shuttle/transfer we can accommodate one for you and or your group that would include a charge per person.


Is a passport required?

Yes! A passport is required to enter London. Please make sure to check the expiration date on your passport. If it’s close to being expired you may want to renew it for this trip.


How old do I have to be to attend The London Experience?

Anyone the age of 21 and over can attend.



How much is the trip?

Info located on booking page.

What’s included in the travel package?

5 night hotel stay, daily breakfast, city tour, nightlife events, event shuttles and all white boat ride etc.​

When booking how do you know who's in the same room?

We reach out to everyone that has booked on our website via email within 24 - 48 hours.


When will the trip itinerary be available?

The complete itinerary will be available early July 2023.

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